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¡Sin resolver! Lugares misteriosos

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Libro ¡Sin resolver! Lugares misteriosos

Read Along or Enhanced eBook: From Stonehenge to the Bermuda Triangle, there are many places on Earth that remain a mystery to scientists! Readers will discover these curious places--and more!--as they move through this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction title. This mysterious book features detailed images, informational text, and stimulating facts and theories in conjunction with upper-level features, such as chapter format, a glossary of terms, and an index.

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Subtitulo : Read Along or Enhanced eBook



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Learn the secrets to artful cupcakes, oven-fresh bread, and other delicious baked goods in this delightful nonfiction title. Readers will learn how mathematics helps bakers measure their ingredients to make tasteful treats. Featuring vibrant images and charts, informative text, and fun, intriguing facts, this Spanish-translated nonfiction book will leave children fascinated by all the details that go into baking their favorite treats--like doughnuts and cookies!

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Mysterious ancient ruins, hidden deep in the jungle of southern Mexico In May 1840, explorers John Stephens and Frederick Catherwood road their mules along a steep, muddy jungle path. They were hoping to find the ruins of an ancient, deserted site in Mexico they knew only from visitors’ accounts. Through the trees, they spied the remains of a crumbling stone palace. Palenque! In the weeks they spent there, the men discovered intricately designed buildings and mysterious glyphs, or symbols. Who built this city? What did the glyphs mean? The questions remained largely unanswered until the...


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