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Libros de Dona Herweck Rice (5 libros)

La liebre y la tortuga (The Tortoise and the Hare) (Spanish Version)

Libro La liebre y la tortuga (The Tortoise and the Hare) (Spanish Version)

Act out the story of a race between a tortoise and a hare in this Spanish-translated script. The hare is always boasting that he is the fastest animal in the woods! Everyone is fed up with his boasting, so the tortoise challenges the hare to a race. The hare accepts, thinking the challenge is silly and a sure win. Read along to see if the slow-and-steady tortoise can beat the speedy hare! The roles in this Spanish script are written at different reading levels. This feature allows teachers to easily implement differentiation strategies and assign specific roles to students in a way that...

¡Sin resolver! Misterios de la historia (Unsolved! History's Mysteries) (Spanish Version)

Libro ¡Sin resolver! Misterios de la historia (Unsolved! History's Mysteries) (Spanish Version)

History is full of unsolved crimes, mysterious disappearances, and strange sightings. Readers will discover some of the most well-known mysteries in history--including Amelia Earhart, Big Foot, and the Salem Witch Trials--in this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction book. Featuring detailed images, intriguing facts, and informational text in conjunction with a glossary of terms and an index, readers will be enthralled from beginning to end!

Animales asombrosos: Colas: Medición

Libro Animales asombrosos: Colas: Medición

In the spring of 1895, Bud is excited for his Cadet Corps team to compete in the end-of-the-year drills competition at his school. His company is the favorite to win, but can they pull it off? This historical fiction book is based on a story by the African-American poet and playwright, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Especially appealing to reluctant readers, this 32-page historical fiction book features hi-lo text, full-color illustrations and a short chapter format.

Crecimiento (Growing Up)

Libro Crecimiento (Growing Up)

This Spanish book introduces students to the concepts of growth and change. With images that are easy to identify and clear, simple sentence structures, this science reader simplifies scientific concepts for young students as they improve their reading skills. A fun and easy science experiment and Your Turn! activity provide more in-depth opportunities for additional learning. Nonfiction text features include a glossary and an index. Engage students in learning with this dynamic text!

¿Qué tipo de tiempo? (What Kind of Weather?) (Spanish Version)

Libro ¿Qué tipo de tiempo? (What Kind of Weather?) (Spanish Version)

What kind of weather are we having today? What clothes should I wear? Children will want to answer these questions as they read this delightful book about weather and how to dress for it. This book has been translated into Spanish and allows for a wonderful shared reading experience for children who are beginning readers and is an excellent tool for building the confidence new readers need to embark on the adventures that await them while reading!